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The Cologne Graduate School (CGS) is responsible for all doctoral projects pursued at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences.

There are two models of doctoral studies: the Doctoral Study Programmes in management, economics and social sciences, and the Integrated Study Programme (Economic Research: Master + PhD programme). Doctoral courses in each programme can be combined with courses from other disciplines providing contexts for innovative multi-disciplinary approaches and research projects.

Pursuing a docotral degree at our Faculty is organised in different steps from application, enrolment, working on the dissertation until final exams. Information about the the course of studies, about supervision and potential supervisors for your research project can be found on this website.

Further information on the formal doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and documents can be found on the website of the Central Doctoral Office.

General information on pursuing a doctorate at the University of Cologne can be found on the website of the Albertus Magnus Center (AMC).