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Admission Documents

Please fill in the “Admission Form for Doctoral Studies according to the Doctoral Regulations” (note below) and upload it with all attachments (individual documents please) to Docfile. 

Documents for Submitting a Dissertation

Please upload all documents (including the submission form) to Docfile. You can submit your application during office hours or send it by post. 

a) the submission form (das Gesuch) in German or English  (without attachements) and

b) a bound copy of the dissertation 

c) The Doctoral certificates must be submitted in the original.  

You will be notified when the application has been reviewed and you will be admitted to the doctoral examination. A processing time of up to four weeks can be expected. You can therefore send your dissertation copies to your examiners in advance, stating that they will be sent with reservations as you have not yet been admitted to the examination.

No certificates will be issued between December 22 2022 and January 10, 2023.

The number of publications to be submitted to the exchange office of the University and City Library has been reduced

26 copies for self-published works

26 copies for publication of cumulative dissertations (all papers published or accepted for publication)

5 copies in the case of publication by a publisher

(and 1 copy each to the members of the examination committee, or enquiry with the supervisor required, as the supervisor is entitled to 4 copies)

2 copies for publication via KUPS.

Overview of current doctoral courses