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Funding Opportunities

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We offer Scholarships to excellent students – in the top 10 percent – who hold a master’s degree (or equivalent) in management, economics or social sciences or a related master’s degree.
Admission is based on previous academic performance, research potential, expertise and fit in terms of research interests. These students and their research projects will be part of the key research initiatives of the faculty. Accordingly, applicants are requested to demonstrate interest in one of the Key Research Initiatives.

Employment at Chairs and in Departments

Most doctoral students are employed as research associates, teaching associates or assistants at chairs or in departments. Employment contracts are for fixed terms and remuneration is according to TVL standards. Working at a chair or in a department offers a supportive research environment and, in many cases, teaching obligations of one or two courses per semester (2-4 SWS) depending on the contract type.

Open positions are advertised on the University’s job portal: „Stellenwerk“.
It may also be useful to subscribe to mailing-lists for master’s students to obtain information about doctorate positions.

Employment in (Third-Party Funded) Research Projects

Working as a junior researcher in a (third-party funded) research project is another option for receiving funding for pursuing a doctoral degree. In many cases, several other pre-doctoral or post-doctoral researchers are involved in such a project. Conducting research in a research project offers an inspiring research environment with the opportunity to conduct a dissertation project related to the project topic.

Other Funding Opportunities

Students seeking a doctorate may also consider their own source of funding (such as DAAD, private foundations). In any case, a potential supervisor must be found for admission as a doctoral student to the faculty. For a list of professors, please visit our Find an Expert page.