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Announcements of Doctoral Defences

Attendance examinations at the UoC can only be carried out if the hygiene and infection prevention regulations of the UoC are observed. An oral defence can be held via conference call.

The dissertation reports (by the reviewers) and confirmation of the date of the oral defence (by the doctoral candidates) must be received by the doctoral office four weeks before the oral defence.

The disputation is open to the faculty if the doctoral students have not objected to it. However, the audience has no rights of participation. However, physical presence and personal contacts on the campus should be minimized.

Degree Award Ceremony

Dates of the doctor pronouncements

Award ceremonies take place both at the end of the summer semester as well as towards the end of the winter semester. The competition is open to all those who have successfully completed the oral examination. Publication does not have to have taken place yet.

The next graduation ceremony will take place on Friday, 3rd February, 2023. (Tagungsraum im Seminargebäude). Registration requested to




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