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The Course of Doctoral Studies

Admission Documents

Please fill in the “Admission Form for Doctoral Studies According to §4 of the Doctoral Regulations” electronically (see below). The printed version must be submitted with your documents (original and copy) when you register for the doctoral studies at the office (per Mail). The application and documents must be uploaded to Docfile.

Supervision Agreement

Documents for Submitting a Dissertation

  • Submission Form
  • Front Page Template
  • Form for a Cumulative Dissertation
  • Instruction Sheet for Self-quotation
  • CGS certificates confirming 30 ETCS credit points: a CGS certificate can be obtained for every course with ECTS points listed on the CGS course list. According to the 2008 Doctoral Regulations, at least three lectures/exercises (= methods and theories) and at most two doctoral colloquiums are required. According to the 2015 Doctoral Regulations, at least 30 ECTS points are required, of which at most 12 points can be acquired in research seminars or doctoral colloquiums.

Confirmation of the Disputation Appointment